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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why choose Southern Payroll over a national chain?

A: Southern Payroll is locally owned and operated where your questions are answered immediately and you a have an experienced CPA on site for those more technical issues that always arise.

Q: What are some of the basic services that you offer?

A: A standard payroll includes setup of your account, checks, reports, delivery to your office, quarterly reports, and your annual reports.  We also offer direct deposits, laser signature, impounding.

Q: How would I get my information to your office?

A: Fax, email, phone, internet, spreadsheet.

Q: Do you offer direct deposit and how does it work?

A: We do offer direct deposit.  All we need to get started is voided checks for each employee’s bank account.  We will pre-note their bank account (to make sure that we have the correct information), which usually takes about a 7-10 business days.  Each employee can have an unlimited number of bank accounts.

For the employer- We have to have the payroll information in our office 4 business days before the pay date.  For example, if they get paid on Friday, we need the information in our office on Tuesday.  We will process the payroll and send a file to our third party direct deposit company.  They will draft the money from your account on Wednesday morning and deposit it into the employees account on Friday.  We can give you a shorter time frame for an additional charge.

Q: How do I receive the payroll information?

A: We have a courier service that will deliver your payroll packet to you within the Columbia area. For example, if you send your payroll to us on Wednesday, we will deliver it to you on Thursday.   There is no additional charge for this service.

Q: What if I want to start with your service mid-year?

A: We can put your payroll history for the current year in our system, so that we have the complete year for w-2’s.  All we need is a copy of your quarterly reports and quarter to date totals for each employee.

Q: What if I need a payroll check in between pay dates?

A: All you will need to do is call us and we can process another check for you. We can give you the net amount and you can write the check.

Q: Can you handle payroll for multiple states?

A: We can!  Most of our customers are local businesses, but we do have a few that have employees working in other states.

Q: Can we send you a file from our time clock system that you could import into our system?

A: Yes, our system can integrate with almost any time clock system.  We would be happy to contact your time clock provider to make the systems work together.

Q: I have talked to national payroll companies, and they will draft my payroll taxes each payroll.  Can you offer this service? 

A: We can draft all of your payroll taxes each payroll, so that you will never have tax payment drafted from your bank account a month later.  This usually helps with cash follow and can make bank reconciliations simpler.  We will make all of the payments from our bank account.


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